Registration of new Bitcoin Bank is denied for Pernambuco

The company already exists and is going through a difficult time to honour with customer withdrawals.

A company from Pernambuco tried to register in INPI a name of another trademark that may already exist. Thus, the registration application of a Pernambucan that may be similar to Grupo Bitcoin Banco was suspended.

Grupo Bitcoin Banco is a company based in Curitiba, in the state of Paraná. The company gained fame after sponsoring a series of events of the Brazilian Bitcoin community.

However, in 2019 the company started to present a series of problems to its investors. As a result, several of the company’s clients are still unable to withdraw their funds from Bitcoin Banco.

The new „Bitcoin Banco“ would also be a company working with an investment robot.

The Bitcoin Banco Group is mentioned in the register of Pernambuco, which may have a similar brand

According to INPI data, Harbartt Rodrigues de Souza, from Pernambuco, has been trying since April to register his trademark. His trademark registration would be for his product „CC – Crypto Currency Bot“ or „CCBOT robot of cryptomoedas“.

The registration before INPI must follow a rigorous process and not be similar to any other trademark. However, according to the INPI, the registration requested by Pernambucano shall be judged by „Overriding the examination of merit“.

This is because, according to the PTO’s evaluators, the application for registration may be similar to that of Grupo Bitcoin Profit Secret. In other words, the „new Bitcoin Banco“ will have to wait for the detailed evaluation of its application, which may even be rejected if the BPTO deems it similar.

According to the INPI’s trademark manual, trademark overturning occurs on at least nine occasions. In these cases, the company must assess why the application was suspended in order to appeal the decision.

The INPI gives a period of 60 days to appeal after publication, which was made this Tuesday (3).

„Nova Bitcoin Banco“ also works with income in cryptomoedas

One of the problems that plagued Bitcoin Banco Group’s clients was the income offered with cryptomycins. It was common to see investors seeking to arbitrage at GBB brokers for profits with Bitcoin.

Some were still doing the operations with cryptomotic robots. However, after several months several clients are still with their balances blocked at the brokers. Currently, the group is undergoing a judicial recovery and is facing a series of lawsuits in the Brazilian justice system.

The „new“ Bitcoin Banco then, which had Pernambuco’s registration suspended, would also be a company that works with supposed revenues in cryptomoedas. The so-called robot operations with cryptomoks, however, are becoming frowned upon by the Brazilian community.

Several companies have had problems with similar proposals in the past year. One of them, Atlas Quantum, has become the most regrettable of the life of a famous Brazilian youtuber.

In addition, Midas Trend, based in Bahia, has led many investors to bitter losses. Both companies promoted investments with cryptomoeda robots, a service that has been marked by blows in the country.